our happy place

We are there on birthdays and half birthdays, rainy days, play dates, not-sure-what-to-do afternoons; we use it as both a reward, and as a consolation prize. My girl has LOVED this carousel whole heartily for as long as she can remember, with a special place in her heart for Amy. Franny goes to Amy first, and almost-exclusively rides her, and I know she's not the only girl who feels this way (read more about Amy's history here). On April 22nd of this year, that's in just three short weeks (gasp!) the carousel will be packed up as part of the remodel of Jantzen Beach; the carousel will be restored, though its future home is unknown at this time. We went last Thursday for a quick visit to see Amy, and as we were leaving Franny said: That's so sad that the carousel is going away, Amy is really going to miss me. Sigh. I just know I'm going to cry on our last ride!
To see many more beautiful photos of the carousel, check out my friend (and fellow photog) Kati's blog; she was there just hours before us on Thursday, and her lucky kiddos got to ride 10 times! so she could capture these stunning images
I don't think I need to tell you to haul ahem booty out to Jantzen Beach and ride ride ride before it's too late!