Waiting for Julian

I blogged a couple of weeks ago with one photo from this session because I just couldn't not share it. And because, well, I fell head over heals for sweet Eliana. It must have been something about the combination of her bouncy blonde curls, big blue eyes, pink cheeks and a full personality to match. All that and the burst of sunshine on that day really pulled me out of my funk. We had SO much fun! Eliana dialed up some music for us on the family computer, in that awesomely independent way an almost 3-year-old takes charge; she showed off her purple penguin pajamas but quickly changed into her bright green tutu; she bounced on the bed; she gave Mama many zerberts. She is said to be the Queen of the Zerbert. Do you call it a zerbert? Maybe raspberry? We call it a pruiser at our house, because that's what my husband's grandfather called it. Are there other names for it? Oh but how I digress... We compared belly buttons; gave kisses to baby brother Julian and told him we were anxious to meet him; we dug for worms; took a neighborhood walk; and played hide and seek in the forest that is Pier Park. And in two weeks I get to go back and hang with this super awesome family again. I get to photo some tiny baby fingers and toes, sibling love, and the transformation from three to four. Someone commented on my Facebook page this week that I have the best job in the world, and really, I can't argue with that. I am so lucky. Thank you, Sara, Greg, Ellie and soon Julian, for welcoming me in and allowing me to capture these moments for you. See you soon!