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speaking of fun...

So when Matt said in his email introduction to me, that as a family they liked to play a game that involved 50 wiffle balls and a staircase, I got a little extra excited for this shoot. (I'll never hear the words "wiffle ball" without hearing this song. Somewhat inappropriate for a family photo blog? Maybe, but I am a child of the 80's with a special spot in  my heart for the Beastie Boys.)  Ahem, anyhow, as I was saying, this family = FUN. Malcolm and Anousheh could not have been more beautiful, him with those eyelashes, her flashing smiles at her papa. Um, can we take a second to talk about those curling eyelashes? They slay me. I probably shot 20 frames just focused on that sweet (and patient) boy's eyelashes. And Anousheh's eyes, I don't even know what you call that color but I could have stared into them all day. Yep, I pretty much fell in love with this family; even the dog, Rooster, got in on the action. And even though it was raining so hard we didn't make it out any further than the front stoop, these guys gave me plenty to work with: love, snuggles, laughs, yawns, wrastling, big windows and a cute dog. Oh yeah, and wiffles balls. Fifty multi-colored wiffle balls. Fun, I say, F-U-N!