first, again.

My first session of 2013 was scheduled to be a new family I've never photographed, so you know, new year, new family, seemed right, and I was, of course, excited. But due to illness that session got bumped out to later in the month. And so it was, these lovelies were my first session of 2013, just as they had been my first session of 2012.  This time around, as you can see, there was an additional member of their crew: Fergusson. You may also remember their session last fall,when Baby F was still warm and cozy on the inside. So you know by now that I really love these guys, and was naturally thrilled to start my year with them, again, and delighted, as always, to witness and document their family through these changes.

On this cold and gray morning we sipped black coffee by their big front window, read stories in Seamus's bedroom, turned lamps on and off (much to Mr. S's chagrin, who is a fan of ALL LIGHTS ON!); we swaddled, diapered, and nursed Fergus (okay, Megan did that), we marveled at his little elfin left ear, I scratched loyal Phoebe's tummy, Jack and Seamus prepared pizza dough, and Jack bribed Seamus into photo cooperation with offers of smoked pork belly and dates, while Tom Waits's Cookie Monster voice came through on the speakers.

The ground outside was frozen, the mood inside was warm, and 2013 was kicked off in the best of ways: with love and open arms.

xo, PQ

PS- I feel it should be noted that on occasion Seamus refers to kitties as posycats. {insert bursting heart emoticons here}