let the kids PAINT themselves

So many things I want to say in this post.

First, I am honored and beyond thrilled to be featured on Let the Kids Dress Themselves today. If you don't know the blog, click on over, view beautiful photos, leave lovely comments, plug it into your Google Reader, and then come back over and finish reading what I have to say. Okay, GO!

OR maybe you've just come here for the first time from Let the Kids, to which I say: Welcome, thank you so much for being here, I hope you'll stay for a cup of tea. Ahem, moving on.

Devon is an artist, a painter, who grew up attending a rad Berkley art school for kids, and recently turned her dream into a reality when she opened the Portland Child Art Studio (it's an incredible space, as you can see, and it's just an all around really cool idea. Portland parents, you should totally check it out). Devon found me by way of a favorite client-turned-friend, and quickly became another favorite client-turned-friend. I love this job.

Jess is a house painter, and also someone I've known since elementary school, but hadn't seen in years. He is super down to earth, and is one of those people who just gets kids. The first time Franny met him she said "he is a nice man," and he is.

Djuana is their daughter. A Cindy Lou Who of Wildwood. A three-year-old with a five-year-old's vocabulary and a teenager's love of fashion. A wispy little lover of a girl.

Napoleon is their cat. He hugs.

Together they live tucked away in the forest, just above Portland, with a view of our City's favorite bridge (and probably my house if you had good binoculars!). They keep chickens, grow vegetables, and yarn bomb trees. They spin records, dance in their socks, and host tea parties. They drive beat up station wagons, they do what they love, and they live absolutely.

xo, PQ