franny on film

This horrible thing happened when I was pregnant. Wow that sounds way worse than I mean for it to. This stupid thing happened when I was pregnant:  A few weeks before Franny's arrival I got that nesting bug in a very weird purging form - I'm not a purger, but I just went crazy, shredded old diaries, donated heaps of things to Goodwill, and took all but two of my old film cameras to Blue Moon Camera in St Johns. I know, shut up, you don't have to tell me, it makes me feel sick every time I think about it. I mean, I got rid of my grandfather's Polaroid land cameras. CameraS, because there were two of them, and I straight up DONATED them. I can barely type that sentence without feeling a wave of nausea. I have NO idea what came over me, all I can do is blame hormones and attempt to move on. If I think about it too long I'll just loose my little Franny-loving mind. Ahem, so moving on.... for my birthday this past December, I asked F&M to get me a Nikon F100 and some film. My first two rolls were a bit of a disaster, but these images are from my third, and I love them. Not all 36 exposures, but these few I love. And while I don't foresee myself working film into my client work anytime soon, I'm having fun learning all over again. And damn I'm loving the real grain. If only I hadn't gotten rid of all those darkroom supplies. Sigh...

Happy weekend!