That fierce mama love thing that happens the moment your baby is born, that thing that overwhelms and nearly hurts in its severity, that thing that suddenly fills holes you didn't know you had, that thing doesn't fade in the slightest as your kids hit teenage years, then their twenties, leave home, suffer heartbreak; their triumphs, their victories, and their suffering, constricts your heart as much as it did in the very first moment you set eyes on them. I learned this from Kristin, though she didn't have to tell me all of this, I just saw it in her eyes , in her laugh, in her LOVE for her children. I thought this post was going to be about a family: Zack's senior photos, his cute girlfriend, Kristin and Tim's love, their chickens and little dogs, and Zoe. Gorgeous, gorgeous, Zoe. But as I looked at these photos again I realized that in addition to how much fun I had with them, what I really loved about this session was Kristin. Mom. Mom carries it all in her heart and holds them all together.

xo, PQ