we {heart} st. johns :: astoria rose :: tea for TWO

I'm feeling a little indecisive today, I couldn't even figure out how to title this blog post. There are just so many options, we covered so much ground, I'm not even sure the three I got up there are right. I could have gone: The Millers of St.Johns, Vegan Shirts and a Bunny, A is for Astoria, or simply Bigger Hearts (I kind of think I should have just gone with that one)... How 'bout I just write this whole blog post with alternative blog titles? No? Alright, moving on...
Jesse, Greg, and Astoria Rose, collectively The Millers 3 (another possible blog title, gah!), moved in across the street from us last summer and we were kind of just a little bit beyond excited to get neighbors with a small child - the kind of excited where you bake your new neighbors heart-shaped banana bread and write them a long welcome note detailing all the kid-friendly places and fun things to do in the neighborhood. (I was also really glad I noticed their Go Vegan! bumper sticker before I started baking!) They may have just arrived in St. Johns from Florida, but you would think they had lived in this neighborhood for years with the way they've fallen in love and dived right into the community. I was thrilled when Jesse said they wanted to incorporate the neighborhood into their session; as you know, I'm a bit of a fan of this hood of ours. (Also, walking out of my house and directly across the street for a session? That's some serious awesome right there.)
Astoria, known to us as Stori, or Stori Girl, loves Franny in that way that a toddler idolizes a "big kid" (how is it possible that I have a big kid?!), and Franny loves her right back. It's very sweet how these two have become fast friends despite their three year age difference. As it worked out, a few hours after our session I found myself back at their house, this time with Franny as guest of honor to celebrate Stori's second birthday.
The added bonus to this whole story is that Matt and I really dig Jesse and Greg, so our girl gained a playmate and we gained a set of friends. AND we can swap babysitting from time to time and the girls just think they're having a playdate. Cool neighbors with kids rule, you guys. Maybe that should be the title of this post? Ha!
I'd better sign off now, I'm clearly a little delirious today. Maybe it is all this sun shining through the windows!
Happy Monday!
xo, PQ