Last week I was on the receiving end of a message that rendered me speechless, made me teary-eyed, caused my heart to burst and head to explode. Okay, I exaggerate, but the message came with a lot of heart, and it felt tremendous to be the recipient. I have read and re-read it, and am still wavering on whether I want to share it or keep it close. But that is the whole point of writing this post: Sharing Gratitude. I will not paste the entire message here, but the summary came three quarters of the way in, when my client and friend wrote these words:
Posy, the view that you have on the world, the view that you share with those of us lucky enough to know you, is so absolutely important. By doing what you do (and, it seems to me, just by being who you are) you're helping to both create and document a solid chunk of the 90% of everything that's going right in the world. And that's something I think we'd all do well to stop and see more of.

Do you see how being on the receiving end of such kindness and gratitude might leave one without words? I decided to share this with you because it was so powerful receiving this message, and because it made me realize that we need to do this more often. There is no reason to wait for Thanksgiving, birthdays, and other holidays, to send cards, words of love, encouragement and thanks; We should do it just as soon as the moment strikes us. So I encourage all of you, next time one of your friends pops into your head, take a few minutes and write them a card, send them a text, holler at them on Facebook, call them, do whatever you do to communicate with people. I promise you it will stay with them a great deal longer than it will take you to compose the message.
Happy Thanksgiving.