My Shop Local Pledge

Don't feel like you have to slog to the big boxes on Black Friday. There is hope!

Supportland Triple Points Black Friday & Small Business Saturday (read: HOPE!):
In gratitude for your support of locally-owned businesses, Supportland is offering TRIPLE POINTS network-wide on Black Friday and Saturday. Hit as many businesses as you can - 60 points for new-to-you businesses and 15 points for your usual haunts. Woohoo! As always, transaction is required and the 3x effect only applies to points given by Supportland, not those extra point incentives offered by select businesses.

(Those cuties at the top are Daphne and Zucca, daughters of the brilliant peeps who created Supportland.)
Extra Special Supportland Love from PQP:
I am offering a $100 print credit when you purchase of a gift certificate for a family photo session, to all Supportland cardholders for the holiday season. Buy one on Friday or Saturday and rack up those extra points! (You must register your phone number to your card and contact me about the gifit certificate before 4:00 on Saturday to get your points.)

Why shop local? Supporting your local small businesses feeds creativity and diversity in your community, it feeds relationships within your community, and it feeds local families! Locally owned businesses reinvest in the local economy at a 60% higher rate than big box stores and internet retailers. If you want to read more about why I have pledged to buy 100% of my holiday gifts at locally owned businesses or from local artisans, check out the post I wrote last year.

Here are just a few of the spots I plan to spend my dollars and swipe my Supportland card:
We will be hitting Mimosa Studios to do some Christmas crafting, and will be refueling at Posies Cafe. And though they are not on the Supportland network yet (I'm hopeful), I can't write this post without spreading a little local love on the Salty Teacup and, of course, Gilt.
Please, take the pledge, keep your money local, and get out there and spread some local cheer!