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HEY PORTLAND, we need to talk. Or rather, I need to get something off my chest and I hope you'll listen. I LOVE YOU. Like really, my heart belongs to you. I keep hearing people complain about how much Portland has changed, and all I can say is, the heart of this city is the same. I firmly believe that and as long as I do, I'm yours. But, I also love seeing other places, connecting with people in different lands, and packing up my family and bringing them along with me when I can. I especially love knowing that when I get back home I'll be in the city I love most.  What I really want you to know, my dear Portland-based clients new and old, is I am here for you. I take the scheduling of my away-time seriously, making sure to  be available to my people (YOU) all throughout the year; I try not to be gone more than once a month during the first half of the year, and I've made sure to plan to be here solidly from mid-July through the end of the year with only one or two long weekends away. So if you're thinking you want to book a session with me but I'm probably too busy, not here enough, gotten too big for my britches, well nothing could be further from the truth. I'm here. I'm not too busy (especially this time of year, wink wink) and I would LOVE to have you on my book for 2016. You dig? Good. Moving on... Posy Quarterman Photography,

Nebraska workshop has beed moved to Colorado (see details below)

New York, NY  June 17th (1 session left)

DC-area June 21 & 23rd (2 sessions available)

Richmond, Virginia June 22nd (1 session available)

Anywhere between Spokane, WA to Sandpoint, ID  July 3rd (1 session available)

Missoula, MT July 8th (two sessions available)

Boston, MA July 21-22nd (two sessions available)

Portland, ME   July 22nd (one evening session available)

Boulder/Denver, CO  September 26th (workshop)

To register for a workshop go HERE.    To book a family session email me

barnett family home movie

Posy Quarterman Photography,

I took a class from the immensely talented Naz Melconian through the Define School recently in an attempt to challenge myself in a new area, as well as a method of keeping myself photo-active during a slow time of year. I thought I was just doing something fun, for me, but I should have known better. My approach to telling this family's story through video was not very different than preparing for a photo session, but the outcome feels so different. It fulfills me in a different way. Not better, just different. So consider this your official PQP PSA: I've been bit by the video bug. I plan to incorporate video into my offerings in the near future. I hope you agree that this is a good idea, because I am really excited about it.

xo, PQ

portland workshop

Posy Quarterman Photography, TOGETHER we will cover:

my step-by-step process for booking and retaining the right clients for YOU

(from the first contact to sending the package out the door, and everything in between)

how I prepare myself and my clients for an ideal and authentic session for us BOTH

(how this process helps to avoid the “worst case scenarios,” and how to navigate them when they inevitably occur anyway!)

lunch (made with love by ME)

live lifestyle session with a real FAMILY

(I’ll direct/manage/shoot, you’ll watch, learn, ask questions)

editing: my approach, and a quick edit of the photos from OUR session

coffee, tea, cookies, and most importantly US reviewing it all, hashing it out, laughing, crying, connecting, and depending how late we go, maybe popping a bottle of champagne and celebrating new FRIENDSHIPS

$450 :: 12 spots available* :: let's do this!

*update as of 1/27/15:  3 spots left!!

field trippin'

This moment just happened 

and now there's another

moment for you

 to explore and discover

to build and maintain

to reflect and pursue

to inspire the others

 and do what you do

to gather in bundles

and build up a tower

of moments and months

of magical hours

of time that you've spent

just feeling and seeing

and learning and living

and trying and being

 Dallas Clayton




Shelby and I flew into Santa Barbara just hours ahead of a torrential rainstorm that broke California's drought with a vengeance. We dined on Mexican food with Leela Cyd and her adorable and funny husband, Dave, ate gorgeous desserts from local bakeries (which Leela had photographed earlier that day), and heard stories from Leela's incredible father, photographer Richard Ross. We slept under surf boards in the Ross home, a home so perfectly comfortable, creative, and unique, I could have spent the whole weekend there (see last four pics above). But, of course, that is not what brought us to SB (though it will bring me back, wink wink Ross family).

Field Trip  kicked off with an incredible talk from children's book author Dallas Clayton (parents if you don't own his book get yourselves down to your local bookstore and scoop them all up, you won't regret it!),and though I could write paragraphs about the weekend, I'll refrain from getting all gushy and just say it was beyond fun, totally inspiring, and super muddy. I met and learned from photographers I had admired for years (ahem Max Wanger,Jill Thomas, and Natalie Norton I'm talkin' to YOU) and I connected with people I had only "known" online and am now lucky enough to call real friends (too many to name but ya'll know who you are). We marched in a parade in honor of Paul Octavious's 30th birthday (if you're not following him on Instagram stop what you're doing and go follow him!). We were awarded gold medals. We laughed at people's weird-talents and cheered from the top of picnic tables during a lip-syncing contest. There were free lattes every morning and free whiskey drinks every night. And it all ended with a crazy dance party. Field Trip was truly like summer camp for photographers; super rainy, [almost] kid-free summer camp, and some of us in our exhausted states may have shed a few tears as we said goodbye that last morning (the day the sun finally came out and most of these pics were taken!).

Oh, and Smilebooth was there.


Until Field Trip '15 I'll just keep dreaming Field Trip dreams... xo, PQ


have camera, will travel

Farrington_0007_20131110 I want to come see you. And I've already got a few things in the works: Santa Barbara next weekend (eep!), though that's for fun and education and spiritual walks with llamas and this. That ought to satisfy the immediate need to experience a little adventure.  But, as far as travel set up with family sessions in  mind, I'm currently working on Seattle in May, DC area in late June, and Houston in late spring.  I want to see the cities that hold your hearts and photograph you in them. I want to see the streets you walk down, your backyards and favorite neighborhood destinations, your farmers markets and beaches. I want to see if you're as big as they say you are, Texas. I want your palm trees, California. I want your rolling hills, Montana. I want to see your mountains, Utah. Oh and hey, Fayetteville, Arkansas, I want to see if you're really the Portland of the South. But what I really want to see is the unknown. I want you to show me what I don't even know I want to see!

Where else should I go this year? You tell me! (preferably in an email:

So, let's make this happen, shall we?

xo, PQ

UPDATE! Travel dates and locations have been selected. You can find out more here.

sweet virginia

Spring break on a farm in Virginia means cousin time, which means hours of mostly-unsupervised playtime in nature. It means no above-ground power lines obstructing my view of the tall skinny trees and vibrant blue skies (read: happy photographer). It means bird songs by day and frog songs by night. It means finding rabbit's feet and turkey feathers in the woods, and spotting vultures watching us from high above. It means tree swings and tree houses, farm dogs, and roasting hot dogs over a fire with sticks.  It means visits to Big Pond, Middle Pond, and Near Pond. It means climbing on trees brought down by storms, and building fairy gardens from collected quartz rocks and tiny pine cones. It means fishing in creeks with homemade lines and fishing in stocked ponds with real fishing rods. It means making new friends with the farm owner's grandchildren, and hearing stories about Daddy and his friends's farm shenanigans "back in the day." It means constructing an art gallery out of rocks and a hula hoop. It means picnics and funny faces on the grounds of national monuments (this year it was Monticello, those are Thomas Jefferson's vineyards you see behind those silly cousins.).

Cousin time anywhere is pretty special, but on a farm inVirginia it is down right magical.

Spring break at Nana's house means marveling at the way the light falls beautifully in every room of the house. It means naming all the masks on the wall, and occasionally sneaking one down for a quick inspection and maybe even a photo. And sometimes it means using the iPhone instead of the "real" camera because dang that wide angle lens is awesome (see below).

The saddest thing about spring break is the part where it takes place 3,000 miles away and after an idyllic week we have to say goodbye for another year. 

xo, PQ

family vacation

20130326-105343.jpg I had grand plans of lining up a blog or two to hit publish on while we were away, including a spring-colored bunny-rific post planned for next Sunday. Instead I did laundry, packed winter clothes and rain boots into suitcases, filled little 3.4 oz bottles with shampoo, and prepared airplane-ready snack packs.

Yesterday morning the alarm rang at 4:35, beginning our day-long journey that ended with us snuggled up warm and cozy in Nana and Gramps's house in the snowy woods of Virginia.

This is my first attempt at posting to the blog from my phone, if it works I may bring you another post during the week, or I may just read a book while Franny plays with her cousins...

(photo taken with my iPhone; find me on Instagram under @posyq)

bunny hop

We're off to the Washington, D.C. area tomorrow to hang out with grandparents and cousins; see about some pandas at the National Zoo; inspect a lot of animal bones at the Museum of Natural History; and maybe, just maybe, get a glimpse of some cherry blossoms and the Lincoln Memorial. We may also eat a chocolate bunny or two, hunt for some eggs, and please, OH PUH-LEEZE, soak up some sun! Whether or not you celebrate Easter, I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Do yourselves a favor: be inspired by from Miss Mia here and do a little dancin' in the sun with your little love bunnies!

For Marty

Marty is a stay-at-home dad to five-year-old Claire. Carole works full-time at Powell's. The turtle is un-named and has been missing since our photo session last fall. 
Marty has been fighting cancer for two years. I will write and rewrite this post, edit, erase, second guess, etc., if I even attempt to put into words my fear of cancer as a parent. I think Marty read this on my face when he told me he was sick, for he quickly promised "don't worry, I won't die on you anytime soon," as if it was something he owed me. I have thought of that moment often, that he felt the need to comfort me. 
I will never be able to write what I truly want to say because I honestly am not sure how. My heart is so heavy for Marty, Carole and Claire, this family that I barely know, but feel enormous love for nonetheless. In the little time I have known Marty, he has proven to be a kick ass Papa to Claire: I have watched him fight exhaustion and nausea to be present with her. I have seen him pull from reserves of patience when mine would have been long gone. Spend a few minutes with them and you'll see that his love for Claire and her mama is beyond measure. I imagine this carries them through some dark days.
I am writing this post because Marty's friend Nena Rawdah, owner of the St Johns Booksellers, is hosting a benefit for Marty's family on Monday, March 12th, at 7:00 pm, at her book store (8622 N Lombard). The benefit is a slam poetry performance, featuring The Svelte Ms. Spelt (Angus Adair), with instant on-request poems written by Reuben Nisenfeld, and readings by Michelle Frost, and Ansel Appleton. I know little about poetry, slamming or otherwise, but I assure you this event will be a good time. There is a suggested donation of $5.00; you can read more about it here. If you can't be there you can still support Marty. Order books through their website,, from Sunday 3/11 through Saturday 3/17, and pay with a credit card. They will pass 1/3 of their profits from online sales during the week to Marty's wife, Carole Reichstein, to help with their ongoing expenses. Every new book or Google ebook they sell online during that time will benefit Marty and his family. (An important detail to note about their website ordering database: When selecting a book, please note whether the product page indicates that it will ship immediately. If your title says 'Special Order--Subject to Availability' it may be delayed or unavailable. And 'Out of print' means just that; it's in the database for information only. They encourage you to choose from the hundreds of thousands of titles that 'Ship within 1-5 days.'). If you attend the event and/or place an order through the bookstore, and you show me your receipt, I will give you an equal amount in print credit for a future photo session. But don't attend the event because of that, attend because any money you spend will help this beautiful hardworking family pay the ever-increasing bills caused by this illness.
Nena has known Marty for many years; as I struggled with writing this post today, I was messaging with her on Facebook and she said something about Marty that I will leave you with because it is both simple and powerful.
Marty believes, rightly I'm sure, that he couldn't have made it this far without determined and carefully cultivated optimism.

My Shop Local Pledge

Don't feel like you have to slog to the big boxes on Black Friday. There is hope!

Supportland Triple Points Black Friday & Small Business Saturday (read: HOPE!):
In gratitude for your support of locally-owned businesses, Supportland is offering TRIPLE POINTS network-wide on Black Friday and Saturday. Hit as many businesses as you can - 60 points for new-to-you businesses and 15 points for your usual haunts. Woohoo! As always, transaction is required and the 3x effect only applies to points given by Supportland, not those extra point incentives offered by select businesses.

(Those cuties at the top are Daphne and Zucca, daughters of the brilliant peeps who created Supportland.)
Extra Special Supportland Love from PQP:
I am offering a $100 print credit when you purchase of a gift certificate for a family photo session, to all Supportland cardholders for the holiday season. Buy one on Friday or Saturday and rack up those extra points! (You must register your phone number to your card and contact me about the gifit certificate before 4:00 on Saturday to get your points.)

Why shop local? Supporting your local small businesses feeds creativity and diversity in your community, it feeds relationships within your community, and it feeds local families! Locally owned businesses reinvest in the local economy at a 60% higher rate than big box stores and internet retailers. If you want to read more about why I have pledged to buy 100% of my holiday gifts at locally owned businesses or from local artisans, check out the post I wrote last year.

Here are just a few of the spots I plan to spend my dollars and swipe my Supportland card:
We will be hitting Mimosa Studios to do some Christmas crafting, and will be refueling at Posies Cafe. And though they are not on the Supportland network yet (I'm hopeful), I can't write this post without spreading a little local love on the Salty Teacup and, of course, Gilt.
Please, take the pledge, keep your money local, and get out there and spread some local cheer!

3rd Birthday and a Giveaway!

Dear Beloved Clients of PQP,

Three years ago this day, I took a leap and hit the publish button on  Since then, Posy Quarterman Photography has grown in spurts from chubby sweet baby to gorgeous and sassy, oh wait, I'm describing my daughter!  It is true that Franny's birth allowed me to reconsider the path my life was on and gave me the inspiration to launch my first website.  It is also true that the business has blossomed much in the way my girl has, and I, as a business owner, have gone through the milestones like her – I learned how to walk, discovered new words, and stumbled here and there, but at 3 years old am full of big ideas, strong opinions, and loads of love for those around me.  This is why I chose to accompany my words today with photos of Franny taken each year around the birthday of my website - from nearly six months old, when I began this journey, to this 3rd birthday of PQP with photos taken last evening.

I try to take time to say THANK YOU a few times each year, whether it be in a newsletter, holiday card, blogpost or hug.  I will say it again and again, and mean it every time, just as honestly as I say this:  I could not be here without YOU. 
I will do my best to continue to think up new and creative ways to say THANK YOU.  Today, to celebrate this 3rd year milestone, I am going to show my gratitude the sweetest way I can think of – by having my friends at Frost, the art of custom cake, deliver one dozen cupcakes to the doorsteps of 3 lucky clients (in the Portland Metro area).  All you have to do is leave a comment here by next Tuesday, March 22nd at 9:00 a.m..  If you are an existing client of PQP your comment number will be entered into the generator at and 3 of you will receive an email next Tuesday with details on how to receive your cupcakes.  I told you it was sweet! 
6mos 2

2.5 2
3 half
Frances remains my daily inspiration, though thanks to so many of you, your families fill that role as well.  I hope to see you soon!  All my love and gratitude, Posy

3 half 2
PS...  Your comment won't appear right away, I have to approve it first (this is how I avoid blog spam).  If you are concerned, check back here a few hours after you post your comment, or hit me up with an email if it doesn't appear within 24 hours.  Oh oh oh, and check this out - I am so honored to be the first entrepreneur featured on the Moyo Jasiri blog, read my interview HERE.  

UPDATE:  With help from, comments number 12, 4, and 8 have been selected to win a dozen cupcakes delivered to your doorstep next Monday!  Congratulations Autumn, Stacy & Kristen!!!  You'll be receiving an email shortly.  Thanks to everyone for all the love and encouragement this week and always! xxooPQ