travel plans

HEY PORTLAND, we need to talk. Or rather, I need to get something off my chest and I hope you'll listen. I LOVE YOU. Like really, my heart belongs to you. I keep hearing people complain about how much Portland has changed, and all I can say is, the heart of this city is the same. I firmly believe that and as long as I do, I'm yours. But, I also love seeing other places, connecting with people in different lands, and packing up my family and bringing them along with me when I can. I especially love knowing that when I get back home I'll be in the city I love most.  What I really want you to know, my dear Portland-based clients new and old, is I am here for you. I take the scheduling of my away-time seriously, making sure to  be available to my people (YOU) all throughout the year; I try not to be gone more than once a month during the first half of the year, and I've made sure to plan to be here solidly from mid-July through the end of the year with only one or two long weekends away. So if you're thinking you want to book a session with me but I'm probably too busy, not here enough, gotten too big for my britches, well nothing could be further from the truth. I'm here. I'm not too busy (especially this time of year, wink wink) and I would LOVE to have you on my book for 2016. You dig? Good. Moving on... Posy Quarterman Photography,

Nebraska workshop has beed moved to Colorado (see details below)

New York, NY  June 17th (1 session left)

DC-area June 21 & 23rd (2 sessions available)

Richmond, Virginia June 22nd (1 session available)

Anywhere between Spokane, WA to Sandpoint, ID  July 3rd (1 session available)

Missoula, MT July 8th (two sessions available)

Boston, MA July 21-22nd (two sessions available)

Portland, ME   July 22nd (one evening session available)

Boulder/Denver, CO  September 26th (workshop)

To register for a workshop go HERE.    To book a family session email me