have camera, will travel

Farrington_0007_20131110 I want to come see you. And I've already got a few things in the works: Santa Barbara next weekend (eep!), though that's for fun and education and spiritual walks with llamas and this. That ought to satisfy the immediate need to experience a little adventure.  But, as far as travel set up with family sessions in  mind, I'm currently working on Seattle in May, DC area in late June, and Houston in late spring.  I want to see the cities that hold your hearts and photograph you in them. I want to see the streets you walk down, your backyards and favorite neighborhood destinations, your farmers markets and beaches. I want to see if you're as big as they say you are, Texas. I want your palm trees, California. I want your rolling hills, Montana. I want to see your mountains, Utah. Oh and hey, Fayetteville, Arkansas, I want to see if you're really the Portland of the South. But what I really want to see is the unknown. I want you to show me what I don't even know I want to see!

Where else should I go this year? You tell me! (preferably in an email: posy@photoposy.com).

So, let's make this happen, shall we?

xo, PQ

UPDATE! Travel dates and locations have been selected. You can find out more here.