Mia Marie is Three :: Portland Birthday Party Photographer

I first met Mia when she was just eight months old.  I captured images of her then that I still treasure today, and since then have photographed her family 10 times, including her 1st, 2nd, and now 3rd birthday party!  Many of my favorite have been of this family, and as they continue to grow (Mia and Sophie's mama is pregnant with her third!) I will continue to be there to capture their memories.  This is a true honor and one of the greatest gifts I receive from being a family photographer.


When I arrived to photograph Mia's party she was still asleep.  Under most circumstances I would wait for the child to wake up, or let the parents wake her and prepare her for her session.  But not with this family.  I quietly walked into Mia's room, sat on her bed and rubbed her back until she awoke.  She sat with me for a while, and when her dad walked by her room she exclaimed "Daddy, Posy's here!"  I then dressed her, photographed her, fed her, snuggled her when she bumped her head, and sang "Happy Birthday" with the rest of the family and friends.  Yes, I am there because I have been hired, but the beautiful thing about photographing a family time and again is the transition from hired photographer, to family member and trusted friend.  Although I would argue that I do a good job befriending children upon first meeting them, integrating myself into their worlds in order to capture the most honest portraits, there is something to be said for seeing children again and again over time.  I have bonded with so many children during this journey, and I hold all of those little relationships very closer to my heart.


(It feel the need to tell you  that I did not request that these two do this, Jake and Mia have are good little buddies who have known each other since birth, and I have more than one image like this from previous birthday parties.  I am lucky enough to have photographed Jake and his family a number of times as well.)
When I am hired to photograph a birthday party, that is my primary goal, making gorgeous images of your child's birthday celebration.  I get there before the festivities begin and have a mini session with the birthday girl or boy, and their family.  For the party, I usually set up a little photo station where I can pull each kid aside and snap a few photos of them before sending them back to enjoy their friends.  Of course I photograph all the sweetness of  little friendships and family interactions, and the party details as well; I stick around until after the cake plates have been licked clean and the floor is scattered with torn wrapping paper.  If you would like to see more examples, you can view a gallery of birthday party photos on my website under the "Events" section.  Happy weekend!
Aw man, I just LOVE this girl.