3rd Birthday and a Giveaway!

Dear Beloved Clients of PQP,

Three years ago this day, I took a leap and hit the publish button on www.photoposy.com.  Since then, Posy Quarterman Photography has grown in spurts from chubby sweet baby to gorgeous and sassy, oh wait, I'm describing my daughter!  It is true that Franny's birth allowed me to reconsider the path my life was on and gave me the inspiration to launch my first website.  It is also true that the business has blossomed much in the way my girl has, and I, as a business owner, have gone through the milestones like her – I learned how to walk, discovered new words, and stumbled here and there, but at 3 years old am full of big ideas, strong opinions, and loads of love for those around me.  This is why I chose to accompany my words today with photos of Franny taken each year around the birthday of my website - from nearly six months old, when I began this journey, to this 3rd birthday of PQP with photos taken last evening.

I try to take time to say THANK YOU a few times each year, whether it be in a newsletter, holiday card, blogpost or hug.  I will say it again and again, and mean it every time, just as honestly as I say this:  I could not be here without YOU. 
I will do my best to continue to think up new and creative ways to say THANK YOU.  Today, to celebrate this 3rd year milestone, I am going to show my gratitude the sweetest way I can think of – by having my friends at Frost, the art of custom cake, deliver one dozen cupcakes to the doorsteps of 3 lucky clients (in the Portland Metro area).  All you have to do is leave a comment here by next Tuesday, March 22nd at 9:00 a.m..  If you are an existing client of PQP your comment number will be entered into the generator at random.org and 3 of you will receive an email next Tuesday with details on how to receive your cupcakes.  I told you it was sweet! 
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Frances remains my daily inspiration, though thanks to so many of you, your families fill that role as well.  I hope to see you soon!  All my love and gratitude, Posy

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PS...  Your comment won't appear right away, I have to approve it first (this is how I avoid blog spam).  If you are concerned, check back here a few hours after you post your comment, or hit me up with an email if it doesn't appear within 24 hours.  Oh oh oh, and check this out - I am so honored to be the first entrepreneur featured on the Moyo Jasiri blog, read my interview HERE.  

UPDATE:  With help from www.random.org, comments number 12, 4, and 8 have been selected to win a dozen cupcakes delivered to your doorstep next Monday!  Congratulations Autumn, Stacy & Kristen!!!  You'll be receiving an email shortly.  Thanks to everyone for all the love and encouragement this week and always! xxooPQ