Ruby Jane


Oh Ruby Jane, I looked into those big eyes the first time I met you, when you were just three months old, and I saw a special spark. You are indeed a little firecracker; a girl who runs fast, a girl who replies "NO WAY!" when asked to comply, a girl with those qualities that challenge your parents, but will work in your favor as a grown woman: independence, strong will, and conviction. I am lucky to know you, Ruby, and I adore that you make me chase you throughout our entire sessions. For it makes the end prize all that much sweeter. Sure I let you wear my sunglasses and play with my toy camera, you may even think you had me beat, but oh no, my dear, your parents and I, we got what we wanted out of you that day at the park: authentic images capturing your incredible spirit. So thank you, sweet Ruby. And Danny and Emily, thank you for inviting me into your world once again. I cannot wait to see what Baby Boy has in store for us when he arrives! xo, PQ