say "kimchi!"

You might remember Juno from back in May, when she made her shy entrance into Portland. She wasn't too crazy about me or my camera that day. Though I wasn't at all surprised by that, I'll be honest, I was a tad nervous about our session a few weeks ago. Turns out, Juno loves the camera. And though I'll never tell a kid to "say cheese," in Korea they say "say kimchi!" and the result, or at least on this little fireball, is a ridiculously cute expression, one among the many silly faces this kiddo makes. Juno had only been home with her family for a a little over five weeks when we got together, but you wouldn't know it by the way she was with them, and them with her, particularly big brother Max, who is kind, and patient, and so loving with her. So yeah, nothing to worry about, nothing at all. Yay for happy families!