"The Full Posy Experience" :: Portland, Oregon Lifestyle Photographer

This summer was a memorable one for the Hofmann family.  It was the summer their twin daughters, Juniper and Lelia, began selecting their own clothing, outwardly expressing their individuality.  It was the summer of the excessive accessorizing; the summer a mama robin kept her nest in their backyard tree; when they discovered their neighbors have a tire swing, and the last summer Poppa was able to give them a double-double piggy back ride (or so we suspect).  In the final weeks before these girls began preschool, we spent some time documenting their life as it was in Summer 2011.

Last year I photographed a family who was moving to Australia.  Their souvenir from Portland, they told me, would be the images I created of them living their lives as they loved in Portland.  You can check out my blog post about them here.  After I blogged their session a few families came to me requesting longer, more in-depth sessions.  A friend of mine coined this “The full Posy experience” and it stuck (with tongue in cheek, of course!).  Here’s what you get:  Two two-hour photo sessions, on two consecutive days, or within one week of each other, or four hours in one day.  I will be a fly on your wall, a fly with a good camera and photographic eye!  I will follow you throughout your daily routines, favorite outings, and most fun family activities.  These sessions can include portraits of the entire family, and each family member individually, of course, but the majority of the photos will be gorgeous documentary-style images of your life.  I love these lifestyle sessions, the extra hours that allow me to dive deep and capture and record daily life, the ease at which the children dance about their regular routine, forgetting momentarily that I am there.  I'm dreaming up ideas for future lifestyle sessions, thinking about fall rituals and holidays.  The planning of these sessions make me giddy, the shooting delighted and the editing makes me swoon.  Like I said, I love lifestyle session, and I suspect you would love one too!