thinkin' about summer

Last week this girl turned 5 1/2; she is registered for kindergarten, races through the neighborhood on her "big bike,"  has replaced the word "dictar" with the appropriate pronunciation of guitar, calls apples "manzanas" and regularly asks "como se dice ___ en Español?" Every day she tells me I'm the best mommy in the world, and on the days she wakes hours before the sun, she inevitably also tells me she wishes I were nicer. She frequently speaks to adults with an air of confidence and casual maturity, as if she were one of us, and you had better take her seriously and dare not laugh when she does! She has two and half months left of preschool - a fact that makes me tear up every time I think about it. She is growing into a "big kid" more and more everyday.

Our little world is going to be rocked come September, and I'm planning on savoring our last few months before that shift occurs. You might wonder why I'm telling you all of this, so here's the deal. I am not going to work as much this summer as I have in years past; I plan on scheduling far fewer sessions between mid-June to early September. Then I plan on Franny transitioning fantastically into kindergarten, and having all the time in the world for that busy fall season. Hahahaha. Okay, seriously, easy transition or not, I will have more work time in the fall, and that's awesome. But summertime is going to be about soaking up what is left of my girl's littleness. What this means for my awesome and wonderful clients is a little less availability for those months. We've got camping and other mini vacations planned, and a "summer fun" list that is growing as fast as my girl. Summer is my faaaaavorite season, so I don't blame  you if you've got your heart set on a summery session, but if you do let's get you on my calendar soon. I also have a decent amount of availability left for late April through the first week of June, and I see some sunshine in the forecast and blossoms still on the trees, so let's not just ignore spring and jump right to summer (though honestly if I could I just might,  dang allergies!). I love spring sessions and would love seeing you this spring.

xo, PQ