family vacation

20130326-105343.jpg I had grand plans of lining up a blog or two to hit publish on while we were away, including a spring-colored bunny-rific post planned for next Sunday. Instead I did laundry, packed winter clothes and rain boots into suitcases, filled little 3.4 oz bottles with shampoo, and prepared airplane-ready snack packs.

Yesterday morning the alarm rang at 4:35, beginning our day-long journey that ended with us snuggled up warm and cozy in Nana and Gramps's house in the snowy woods of Virginia.

This is my first attempt at posting to the blog from my phone, if it works I may bring you another post during the week, or I may just read a book while Franny plays with her cousins...

(photo taken with my iPhone; find me on Instagram under @posyq)