tuesday morning special


Kati is snarky, hilarious, and a serial interrupter. Kati is also a talented family photographer living in St Johns, so technically competition right here on my home turf. We are different in as many ways as we are alike, so our pairing was one of those things where it could have gone either way, but luckily for me it went in the best direction: friends. This solo-entrepreneur gig is so, well, solo sometimes. Yes we get to connect with amazing people regularly, and for that we are incredibly lucky. But the work part, the time we spend glued to our computers staring at bright screens analyzing, comparing, and sometimes over thinking our process, that time is usually spent alone. And all the business decisions big and small, are made, for the most part, on our own. The ins and outs of the photography business world are navigated and absorbed alone. The frustrations, the sticky-tricky bits of running a business, and there are occasionally those even in this love-drenched line of work, those are especially nice to work out with someone else's input. And that's where Kati comes in. Actually, Kati isn't the only business owner I "work" with, nor is she my only photographer friend, but she and her sweet sweet boy Muller have been my Tuesday Morning Special for the last eight or nine months and I am so grateful for it. Our girls go to preschool together, and on that second day of the week, we head from preschool towards the nearest coffee shop, supply Mulls with sweet treats and toys, and then we dish. We interrupt each other. We talk with our hands. We swear occasionally and "ohmygawd I didn't tell you" even more. We celebrate our victories and hash out our mistakes. And in between we text each other, a lot. It's awesome. I'm sure it doesn't surprise you that I am not a lone wolf personality, which is why I consider myself lucky to be building up my pack. And really,drinking coffee and "talking shop" while watching this sweet boy nuzzle his mama's hair (his lovey), it's a win-win-WIN!

We recently celebrated the last day of preschool with a picnic out on Sauvie Island; Lola and Franny were too busy catching imaginary butterflies to end up in these photos, though Lols did jump in for a few mama-snugs...

xo, PQ