what does your sunday morning look like?


One of the ways in which to prepare for a family session is by thinking about what your life looks like on the weekends; for Melissa, Jeremy, and their three awesome kids, Sunday mornings mean church, followed by time outside visiting with neighbors, which in Michael and Zach's case means zip lining! And donuts. (I love it when your Sunday involves sweets, especially when you share them with me!)

When I read Melissa's response to seeing the images we captured together one Sunday morning in September, I knew I was going to have to blog her words because I couldn't say it better myself:

You made time stand still and captured the precious moments that can be difficult to remember in the chaos that is raising three kids while working full time. This has been such a gift for Jeremy and me. Thank you.

As you can imagine, I love receiving responses like this from clients; it's just one of the many ways in which my fire is fueled. I am endlessly grateful for the ability to provide this "gift," and for every one of you who hires me to do the same for your family.

xo, PQ