alma and nora

I first photographed Alma when she was just over a week old, or at least I think that's right, she may have been two weeks, it's been a while and I've seen her enough since then that I can't actually remember. But she was brand new, and her parents were captivated by her, and I remember feeling so grateful that I was able to capture that special new time in their lives for them. And now, now Alma is a big sister to sweet little Nora, and I was lucky enough to get to capture all her newness, and Alma's new role, and their whole little family unit as it had grown from three to four. It's a pretty special honor, being invited into a home, being gifted the title of "family documentarian,"I don't take it lightly. In fact, I sometimes just sit with it and take in the power of that role; it feels both a tad overwhelming and entirely awesome.

Thank you, lovely families, all of you who welcome me into your world's again and again, you make this girl feel mighty lucky. xo, PQ