kissing dinosaurs and chasing seagulls


It's good having talented friends with whom I can trade photos sessions; Kati and I hatched this Cannon Beach plan last spring on one of those dreary gray cold-to-the-bone days, and it came to fruition on a perfectly gorgeous day in late August. Franny and I went first, and you can see those fuh-reak-ing amazing pics here (seriously, I need to write a whole blog post about how much it means to me to have gorgeous photos of me and my girl). We followed our session with dinner at Mo's - classic clam chowder and clam strips style - and then dragged Kati's family out onto the beach for some sunset sand digging and t-rex kisses. You might think that Muller is the cutest shaggy-haired 2 1/2 year old boy you've ever seen, sneaking up on his sister with a dino-kiss attack, and you'd be right - I call him my" baby boyfriend" so often that I think Kati is growing concerned for my sanity - but for me, it was Lola who stole the show on this evening. Lola... well she is a bit of an enigma. I adore her, truly, and yet, I am having a very hard time putting into words what exactly is so magical about her. I think it is precisely that,  that I am unable to pinpoint her with a label. She is intense and insightful and sometimes so reserved that when big smiles and child-like aspects come out of her I am taken aback for a second and reminded that she is indeed a child. And she is, as you can see, stunning. I love love love every picture I snapped of Lola alone on the beach. Kati grew up on the Oregon Coast, and as you can see from the images she captured of me and Franny, the beach is her canvas, lady was born to photo people on the beach. And Lola, Lola was born to be photographed on the beach. I mean, just look at her.