Cannon Beach with some oldies

So... I guess it's just going to be a photo heavy week. We'll call it an effort to catch up on my blog-slacking of late. August was a very photo-heavy month, so hopefully that will turn into a blog-heavy September. Moving on.

For those of you who have been with me from the almost-beginning, do you remember those postcards I had, you know with the super lame homemade logo on the back and the super cute, suuuuper chubby diapered babe on the front? Well that was Koen, almost four years ago. Or Ko-Ko as his mama calls him. And here is he above, with his little brother Liam, mom and dad, and dog, Shivers. Oh Shivers, there were numerous shots you ruined by sticking your rear in my frame just as I snapped the shutter, but I forgive you for looking up at Fred and Stacy right at the right moment in that kissy-family shot. And for being the picture perfect beach dog.

Gonna keep this one short and sweet today. More Cannon Beach pics tomorrow.

xo, PQ