unicorn and rainbow overload with a side of goats

I'll probably lose the majority of viewers to this post by the time these words even appear. I know this, and yet, I'm blogging a trillioness photos (that's Franny's new word and I'm going with it), likely my most photo-heavy blog post yet, because here's the thing, I could have blogged every single image from this session. I've been putting off blogging this one because I knew it was going to be a feat just picking favorites. It was dang near impossible. And then there are the words, I could easily say as many things about this session as there are images.  You should see the notes from my first phone call with Amber: weekends at parents house, big property, goat for each grandchild, playroom with different play stations, basement ice cream parlour, the family piano, a pool with a view, oh yeah and did I mention GOATS! (I know I did, but they're gonna get mentioned at least once more so let's just get used to it okay?!). And here's the thing, even though my mind was spinning while Amber rattled off one after another  awesome thing to capture, I knew immediately that I wanted to capture Amber and her sweet family, awesome location or not. We just had that magical connection thing happening right from the get go and I knew I had. to. make. this. happen! In a moment of sheer boldness on my part, I straight up told Amber I was born to shoot this session. It's a good thing it worked out too, can you imagine if I had failed after saying that?!

Amber, Shaun, Bella and Amelia, I had so much fun with you guys, but it was YOU that made this session, not just all these layers of fabulousness and fun. Okay, you and the goats, but I'm fairly sure I could shoot your wonderful family in a junkyard and your love would come shining through. I am SO glad I told you that you had to hire me! (wink)

xo, PQ

PS- My favorite thing about the jumping in the pool shot? The dog barking his head off at them. Love it.

PPS - How many readers to you think I lost just with the title of this blog post alone? And how many of you that stuck around anyway think I'm completely off my rocker? You might be right, but at least I'm having fun!