keepin' it real

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair...

I have been sitting on blogging this session. Sitting, standing, sleeping, rolling over on... you get the idea. I want to say a thousand different things about these people I love so dearly. I have thoughts for a hundred different blog posts floating through my mind. Instead I do nothing, bogged down by all that potential. Also, October has been just a little bit busy. Considering that these photos were taken when it was still technically summer, I need to just blog them and plow on through all the others waiting to be blogged.  For it is fall, and my goal of being a better blogger in 2012 faces no greater threat of death than fall.  My hope is that I will continue to blog regularly throughout  fall, just with less words. There will surely be some sessions that get missed; summer was so busy I only blogged about half of those sessions, but I'm hoping I don't fall behind too badly in the coming months. Sorry, I can't resist the urge for a bad pun, you can blame my mother for that one. MOVING ON.

Christy told me she wanted me to capture Eleanor right now, having just turned six, and seeming so... six, all of a sudden. I asked what Eleanor was particularly into and she said she had expressed a desire to be an art and ballet teacher when she grows up. She may have talked about her first born in a way that made me tear up a little. And she asked that I capture the strong bond between her girls; she said Petra parrots whatever Eleanor is doing and she hoped I could capture their special connection. Petra is a spitfire; when she wasn't looking to Eleanor for cues, she was giving me the stink eye in her special way that tells me she really truly loves me and she's just trying to get my goat. I played along. I love all of her little sassy expressions and am delighted that I was able to capture a little of her spunk.

I am thrilled that I was able to give Christy just what she wanted, maybe even a little more.Word is Tom held the photos in his hands and declared them a treasure; I gotta tell you, it felt pretty awesome to hear that. And I like to think 20 years from now Eleanor and Petra will appreciate the record of their childhood that we have created together. It helps that they just come as themselves and let me do my thing without expecting anything other than their real life documented. It also doesn't hurt that this was our fifth session together, and that they are some of my nearest and dearest. Though I do believe that I can meet you for the first time, instantly connect with your family and capture your realness (I can, I really can!), it never hurts to really know a family. I think more than anything it gives me the confidence that I have accurately represented them. In this case, I am confident I have done so, sulky expressions from the almost-three-year-old and all!

And with that I'll wrap this up and hit publish before I erase it all and start in another direction (seriously, I've written this like five times).